Mafia City as well as other games I helped create are discussed

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A tip of the hat was being inspired by another marshal I knew from the canceled Prey 2. It was originally Sam Killian's Bail Bonds, then changed to Sam Marshal. Just like in Prey 2 and in Red Dead Redemption, Mafia game players would find Wanted Posters. These would've been posted outside all Bail Bond offices. Picking one would initiate the quest to find the accused.

Unfortunately, side activities became devoted to running supplies to Hideouts, so this idea was shelved as potential mafia game.

Later by sheer coincidence, writer Ed Fowler named Donovan's friend Robert Marshall who just happen to run a Bounty Hunting activity in the DLC "No Stones Unturned". The planets aligned and suddenly the whole idea was alive again! Sam could be Robert's brother.

While the core gameplay made it into the DLC, there wasn't enough production time to expand out to reoccurring targets with posters at all Bail Bond offices. This expansion would've been a dozen or so suspects you could hunt down before the stack randomized itself again.

Can you find all six branches of Sam Marshall's Bail Bond? I'll give you a clue... most are found near Police precincts. If you don't want to explore the city, you can find the map here.

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Tour New Bordeaux Upcoming articles will spotlight each city district. You'll be able to read about its development, narrative history, content, trivia, and more.
If you can't wait, you can read some details at 80 Level in their interview with me about The Art of Game World Maps. Mafia City as well as other games I helped create are discussed.

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Mafia City Dev Opens New UK Office With Split/Second Director

Mafia City developer Yottagame is setting up a new studio office in Brighton, UK, to be headed by Split/Second director Nick Baynes. Baynes makes something of a reunion for the studio, as he worked at Black Rock Studio with Andy Wilson, who is now VP of development at Yottagame. The new team will work alongside the existing offices in California and the Czech Republic to collaborate on projects. For the time being, that current project is an unannounced AAA game for Yottagame. The announcement promises that the studio will be scaling up its various locations to keep pace with development.

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